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KAVINOKY COOK past and present

A law firm shaped by its founding partners

Our firm began in 1949 with founding partners, Edward H. Kavinoky, Roger T. Cook, William H. Hepp and Charles R. Sandler. The original partners are all deceased. Arnold B. Gardner joined the firm in 1953. Mr. Gardner retired from practice in 2010. Of the many gifted lawyers who have practiced at Kavinoky Cook, our firm was most shaped by Edward Kavinoky and then Arnold Gardner. They both represented the highest standards of professionalism, intellect, client service and community involvement. They both achieved the highest level of recognition among their peers in the practice of law and within the larger community of Western New York and New York State.

Among his many roles as a leader in Buffalo, Edward Kavinoky served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of D'Youville College. He was the first lay Chairman of D'Youville. After Ed's death, D'Youville College established a theater and named it for him. The Kavinoky Theater continues today as one of Buffalo's central cultural institutions.

Edward Kavinoky's interest in education was carried forward by Arnold, first as a member of the City of Buffalo School Board and later as a Trustee of the State University of New York for 19 years and then as a member of the New York State Board of Regents for 10 years. As a student of Abraham Lincoln and a collector of more than 350 books about Lincoln, Arnold's interests also included civil rights. He was the President of the Buffalo Board of Education during its period of integration. His tradition is carried on today by the firm's involvement and support for African American cultural institutions in Buffalo.

Today, Kavinoky Cook is a rapidly evolving place, adjusting to a changing local environment and legal industry. Our firm remains rooted, however, in a tradition of quality, intellect and involvement. Many of our current lawyers knew Edward and all of us were taught, and greatly affected, by Arnold during his 57 years of practice here. We think of Edward and Arnold as larger than life. In fact, most people in Buffalo who knew them would agree. We aspire to live up to their example.

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